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 What We Do 

The Journey to a Custom Home Buyer’s Dream

Building a custom home is far from a simple process. Did you know that there are more than a thousand integral components that have to come together when building a custom home? That’s why when choosing a custom home builder to build your Texas Hill Country home, it’s important to choose one who’s experienced in the area.

At FieldsCo Builders, we have years of experience building custom homes throughout the Hill Country, including Marble Falls, Kingsland, Horseshoe Bay, Burnet and Spicewood. From the foundation to the framing to its final completion, with our professional experience, we work with our clients and listen to their ideas throughout the entire project. We involve our client’s decisions in every step from the preliminary discussions and decisions to the final walk-through. It is our purpose to provide a true custom home building experience with as much ease and comfort for our clients as possible along the way.

Custom Home Design Matters to Us

We always start by sitting down with the customer and seeing how far along they are in developing their design.  Anyone can bring us their ideas, and we also have ideas to offer, based upon our own experience.

During these discussions, we can work together and develop a formal creative plan. We discuss this part at length with each customer, discerning what they are looking for in a custom built home and reviewing their budget range. After these discussions, we look at the feasibility of building the home the customer desires within their budget range.

Following the initial discussion and our review, we’ll sit back down with the customer and develop a set of specifications. It is important for us to spend time and become familiar with our customers. We want them to feel like we are providing excellent service, which we are, all the time.

Our company encourages them to have a property ready for building. We go out, look at the grade and layout of the property, and make sure everything is going to conform to that space.

After the plan and specifications are finalized, we’ll then start the bid process.

Building a Beautiful Custom Home Takes Time and is Worth Every Second

We know this may feel like a lot of work, yet we truly devote ourselves to quality. This is something that makes our company stand out from others in the field.

From our experience, we know it takes between three and four weeks to get a bid in after final plans and specifications have been submitted. We reach out to contractors, subcontractors and suppliers to help develop a good bid.

Our company sets up regular visits with our customers. We work on developing material selections to make the house reflect their style and needs.

It is our promise to stay in constant contact with the client, showing them the process, what is going on at the building site and walking through each stage of the process.

If you are not living in the hill country area, as is the case with some of our clients, we keep you apprised of the progress through photos and updates.

Attention to detail, customer support and care, and making sure the job gets done right are all important to us.

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